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La Patrona   is defined by the skill, talent and diversity of our team. We want you to feel at home, so we invest in our team members and positive work environment. We are like a family and we work together with passion, love, energy and dedication. This allows us to achieve our goal of delivering exceptional cuisine and service that consistently exceeds your expectations.

Julián Márquez Orozco, Executive Chef at La Patrona Restaurant

Julian Marquez Orozco


Julian Marquez Orozco’s, hometown of Puebla is considered the "gastronomic heartland" of central Mexico because of it has historically straddled the main route between the Gulf Coast and Mexico City. Puebla's culinary legacy stretches back to the Mesoamerican age. It's where amaranth was first domesticated and one of the first places maize was cultivated. Growing up in a family that understood food and loved to cook and being surrounded by the traditions of Puebla, it was only natural that Julian would want to become a chef.

Knowing that he wanted to pursue his passion, Julian attended the prestigious University of the Cloister of Sor Juana in Mexico City, a private institution known for its culinary arts program. Upon graduation Julian was eager to embark on a lifelong journey of learning by doing. He spent three years working for the Calinda Hotel Group, first working at the famous El Hotel Geneve, opened in 1907, before transferring to Los Cabos.

Los Cabos has given Julian the opportunity to work in a variety of venues. He has opened small restaurants and worked for huge resorts. He has worked for large catering companies and owned his own small restaurant and catering business. While working for the Westin, he was chosen to travel to South America to demonstrate and share Mexican culinary traditions. He is extremely proud of the opportunity he had to work alongside Chef Volker Romeike at Restaurant Pitahaya, the first restaurant in Baja California Sur to be awarded 5 Diamonds.

Julian instinctively knows how to infuse the flavors of Mexico into whatever he cooks. He does it subtly and with grace. You take a bite and are pleasantly surprised at the depth of seemingly ordinary food. Because of this sophistication in the kitchen, his amazing leadership skills, his classical training, and his love for his art, La Patrona is proud to call Julian our Executive Chef.

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